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Wooden Lamps

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As with many creative people curiosity is a part and parcel with making things. I started to notice more and more that people were asking me to make wooden lamps and for some reason I never really thought to make them before even though I am a carpenter and make wooden furniture I kind of stuck to my guns making copper pipe lamps, but as I said before curiosity got the better of me so I set on to start designing different designs and what was possible to actually be made. So after many designs I started to make up samples and different designs and put it to the vote for people to see what would take and what had the most interest. There was some super simple designs that I just couldn't bring my self to build. So I set out to make modern design lamps with more traditional joinery, and while this adds up time to any project I feel that the end result is more a piece of simple art that could sit in any hall way, bedroom or office and catch the eye of any visitors with a keenness for sleek but crafted furniture.

I really enjoy using contrasting woods so started only using ash and English walnut, theres something really satisfying about seeing these two English woods sitting next to each other giving off two different feelings but strangely sitting in harmony,  the warm glow of the bulb reflects of each surface and of course as you would expect the walnut gives us its natural grain with burls in some pieces that are almost hypnotic, but then on the other side you get the ash which is almost given a cold shoulder by people reveals a certain grain that's very warming and relaxing where you could sit below and read a good book and not have a care in the world.



Copper pipe bar

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So the past few days I have been working on 13 wall lights and 1 lovely ceiling light ( made from copper pipe of course).

I was commissioned by a new bar opening up in Stoke Newington in East London which used to by an old seedy strip club, so the guys had there work cut out removing any relics of the old seedy bar, and I have to say they have done an amazing job so far. They have gone with the shabby chic look which is working really well for bars and restaurants in east London as there is some interesting stuff buried beneath the multiple layers of wall paper and plaster which I think needs to be let out so we can re-discover a little bit of history of what old bars and buildings used to be like.

So when we sat down and had a chat about which direction the wall lights should go, I was very happy that they chose to stick with the old industrial look,I felt that any thing new looking would just look like someone popped down to Ikea and picked up a load of soul less junk and for a place with such history under its skin it would have a been a crying shame.

I went off and designed a couple of wall lights, with the input from the owners and came up with a quite simple design actually, a straight to the point light with no crazy twists and turn to boggle the mind. The place has 2 floors the first floor is nice high ceilings with plenty of light while the basement has a short ceiling and still has that dive bar feel to it, which when bands play is going to feel even more interment. So this caused for two different designs, the upstairs came out from the wall a fair bit so it could light up wide tables from above while the basement lights  where quite small and close to the wall, as we were short of space and didn't want people bumping there heads, but they were to give off a glow more then to light up a large area. I kept the rustic industrial look but burning them a bit more and did some sloppy soldering so it ran down and just generally made them look grubby, but once they got on the wall against the old walls it was almost like the grew there.

So go check them out and try a new awesome bar.

Studio92, Stoke newington high street.....opening soon

Back Gammon Board

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As with anyone who tries to be creative I am always up for new projects that I have never done before, and this came in the form of a backgammon board.

My friend who is an amazing leather worker (nasty crafts) approached me about a collaboration between me and him to make a backgammon board that some one had asked him to make.

So after a few emails from the client about which wood and rough design he wanted we finally came to a decision to use oak and walnut with brass accents. It was all very exiting because out of things I have made I had  never made  a backgammon board. So I went to the timber yard grabbed some oak and walnut and got started.

I decided to biscuit joint 4 pieces together to prevent bowing (learnt from previous experience). Also to use butterfly inlays as a nice touch, as it was actually going to be a reversible table. So the backgammon playing side would be inlay with brass butterfly joints while the reverse side would be walnut butterfly inlays. The brass inlays were slightly trickier as I had to chisel out the depth perfectly because unlike the walnut inlays I could not plane them flush. But with a bit of care and time it went swimmingly.

Then I had to rebate out the area for the leather inlay for the actual playing surface which was 3mm deep by around 400mm square.  It was then on to the walnut surround in which I used box joints on the corners for a nice little touch. I also drilled 6 mm brass dowels in to the side to add that extra bit of class to the whole thing. Then used danish oil to give a nice smooth satin finish.

Off it went to Dave (nasty crafts) for his creative hands to hand tool the back gammon leather inlay that would fit in to the rebated area. As requested by the client it was left as raw leather, no dye no finish which apparently is hard to come by in the back gammon world.

Copper pipe Lamps- The start........for me

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So it started off for me a couple years ago as a cheap fix for a problem I had when I broke my floor lamp in my bedroom. I found that my friend had some copper pipe lying around in the yard, and of course I had seen something of tumblr before about pipe lamps and up cycling that got my creative juices flowing. So I decided to make a floor lamp for my room which came out pretty great actually considering it was my first one.
I also saw Edison style bulbs online and bought one of those to give it that "industrial" style look that everyone has recently started the craze of.

So as with every social media fanatic I posted it on the usual places, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, with no real intention of selling or producing any more but more for a bit of creative flare on my part. Well with in hours of posting I had messages and phone calls from old friends asking how much it would cost to make them. I was a bit taking back with it to be honest, but I took the opportunity and started making small table lamps (as requested by people) and played around with different designs, making each copper pipe lamp different to the next one. I also played around with different finishes and found I could produced a brushed copper effect to give a more minimal look. And from that point I get asked to do bars and have work in shops to sell and I am always pushing a looking to work with different people and companies.

copper pipe lamp
copper pipe lamp