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Copper pipe bar

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So the past few days I have been working on 13 wall lights and 1 lovely ceiling light ( made from copper pipe of course).

I was commissioned by a new bar opening up in Stoke Newington in East London which used to by an old seedy strip club, so the guys had there work cut out removing any relics of the old seedy bar, and I have to say they have done an amazing job so far. They have gone with the shabby chic look which is working really well for bars and restaurants in east London as there is some interesting stuff buried beneath the multiple layers of wall paper and plaster which I think needs to be let out so we can re-discover a little bit of history of what old bars and buildings used to be like.

So when we sat down and had a chat about which direction the wall lights should go, I was very happy that they chose to stick with the old industrial look,I felt that any thing new looking would just look like someone popped down to Ikea and picked up a load of soul less junk and for a place with such history under its skin it would have a been a crying shame.

I went off and designed a couple of wall lights, with the input from the owners and came up with a quite simple design actually, a straight to the point light with no crazy twists and turn to boggle the mind. The place has 2 floors the first floor is nice high ceilings with plenty of light while the basement has a short ceiling and still has that dive bar feel to it, which when bands play is going to feel even more interment. So this caused for two different designs, the upstairs came out from the wall a fair bit so it could light up wide tables from above while the basement lights  where quite small and close to the wall, as we were short of space and didn't want people bumping there heads, but they were to give off a glow more then to light up a large area. I kept the rustic industrial look but burning them a bit more and did some sloppy soldering so it ran down and just generally made them look grubby, but once they got on the wall against the old walls it was almost like the grew there.

So go check them out and try a new awesome bar.

Studio92, Stoke newington high street.....opening soon