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Back Gammon Board

daniel carterComment

As with anyone who tries to be creative I am always up for new projects that I have never done before, and this came in the form of a backgammon board.

My friend who is an amazing leather worker (nasty crafts) approached me about a collaboration between me and him to make a backgammon board that some one had asked him to make.

So after a few emails from the client about which wood and rough design he wanted we finally came to a decision to use oak and walnut with brass accents. It was all very exiting because out of things I have made I had  never made  a backgammon board. So I went to the timber yard grabbed some oak and walnut and got started.

I decided to biscuit joint 4 pieces together to prevent bowing (learnt from previous experience). Also to use butterfly inlays as a nice touch, as it was actually going to be a reversible table. So the backgammon playing side would be inlay with brass butterfly joints while the reverse side would be walnut butterfly inlays. The brass inlays were slightly trickier as I had to chisel out the depth perfectly because unlike the walnut inlays I could not plane them flush. But with a bit of care and time it went swimmingly.

Then I had to rebate out the area for the leather inlay for the actual playing surface which was 3mm deep by around 400mm square.  It was then on to the walnut surround in which I used box joints on the corners for a nice little touch. I also drilled 6 mm brass dowels in to the side to add that extra bit of class to the whole thing. Then used danish oil to give a nice smooth satin finish.

Off it went to Dave (nasty crafts) for his creative hands to hand tool the back gammon leather inlay that would fit in to the rebated area. As requested by the client it was left as raw leather, no dye no finish which apparently is hard to come by in the back gammon world.