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daniel carterComment

As with many creative people curiosity is a part and parcel with making things. I started to notice more and more that people were asking me to make wooden lamps and for some reason I never really thought to make them before even though I am a carpenter and make wooden furniture I kind of stuck to my guns making copper pipe lamps, but as I said before curiosity got the better of me so I set on to start designing different designs and what was possible to actually be made. So after many designs I started to make up samples and different designs and put it to the vote for people to see what would take and what had the most interest. There was some super simple designs that I just couldn't bring my self to build. So I set out to make modern design lamps with more traditional joinery, and while this adds up time to any project I feel that the end result is more a piece of simple art that could sit in any hall way, bedroom or office and catch the eye of any visitors with a keenness for sleek but crafted furniture.

I really enjoy using contrasting woods so started only using ash and English walnut, theres something really satisfying about seeing these two English woods sitting next to each other giving off two different feelings but strangely sitting in harmony,  the warm glow of the bulb reflects of each surface and of course as you would expect the walnut gives us its natural grain with burls in some pieces that are almost hypnotic, but then on the other side you get the ash which is almost given a cold shoulder by people reveals a certain grain that's very warming and relaxing where you could sit below and read a good book and not have a care in the world.