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Copper pipe Lamps- The start........for me

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So it started off for me a couple years ago as a cheap fix for a problem I had when I broke my floor lamp in my bedroom. I found that my friend had some copper pipe lying around in the yard, and of course I had seen something of tumblr before about pipe lamps and up cycling that got my creative juices flowing. So I decided to make a floor lamp for my room which came out pretty great actually considering it was my first one.
I also saw Edison style bulbs online and bought one of those to give it that "industrial" style look that everyone has recently started the craze of.

So as with every social media fanatic I posted it on the usual places, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, with no real intention of selling or producing any more but more for a bit of creative flare on my part. Well with in hours of posting I had messages and phone calls from old friends asking how much it would cost to make them. I was a bit taking back with it to be honest, but I took the opportunity and started making small table lamps (as requested by people) and played around with different designs, making each copper pipe lamp different to the next one. I also played around with different finishes and found I could produced a brushed copper effect to give a more minimal look. And from that point I get asked to do bars and have work in shops to sell and I am always pushing a looking to work with different people and companies.

copper pipe lamp
copper pipe lamp